Language is fun

Learning a language should be fun!

Learning a language is a challenge most of the time, whether it's your own language or a foreign language. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, if the language has the same alphabet or weird signs... And doesn't it bother you when some people just seem to speak all different kinds of languages whereas you're struggling as it is with just one.... You're definitely not alone. It's much easier to remember a difficult grammar part by means of a joke or a funny concept, than by force or just repetition.

What's in it for you as a student?

When the concept of fun is introduced in lessons, the lessons will be more effective. Students are more involved, they laugh, they feel confident, they dare to make mistakes and the entire learning process will be much smoother and more efficient. Learning a language should be fun. If you enjoy it, like the experience and you're thus motivated, I'm convinced you'll do a much better job.

So, how can fun be used in classes?

Fun can be used in many things. Introducing music relating to special grammar or vocabulary is a great way to experience this, especially if the students relate to the music. Games such as hangman or Pictionary help pronunciation and vocabulary. Role-plays can be used in all sorts of lessons, business, personal development, elementary lessons. And of course riddles and jokes can be used as warmers or just during a lesson to increase the element of surprise. Are you in for some fun? Just contact me and find out!

My professional background

Enthusiastic CELTA certified teacher with over 15 years' experience in marketing and communications. Key words: team player, hard worker, positive attitude, eye for detail, success driven.

I have almost 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. I have worked for large multinationals, among which Shell, Thomas Cook and ING. Most important is to always keep the customer in mind, what's in it for them. Perfect apprehension of language is essential in communications. Furthermore, I have a positive and enthusiastic look on life, and always try to make the best of a situation. My key points are structure, perfectionism, and enthusiasm, which lead to effective and fun lessons.

I offer tailor-made Dutch and English lessons, taught in those languages. Both individuals and groups are very welcome. I have a CELTA certificate and over 4 years of experience in teaching in Madrid and Hilversum, where I am based. Are you interested? Please contact me and I'll answer your questions.


All materials are included in the classes.

I use various grammar and exercises books during my lessons and I create a lot of my own materials. Since my classes are tailor-made, I create materials per student or group of students. For instance, I have translated the very popular Dutch vocabulary game "Pim Pam Pet" into English and have used it with great pleasure. Students love it! For companies I create tailor-made role plays so the students relate to the situations and can really practice real-life situations.

For Kleinson La Consultadora en Idiomas, a well-known language school in Madrid I have co-created textbooks for business English, on all different levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced).

Furthermore I create and carry out thematic workshops. Among which, for Kleinson I have created and presented a 3 hour workshop on negotiations (business English). These workshops include vocabulary, useful phrases, background information on the topic and a lot of different role-plays.

My contact information

Looking forward to hearing from you!

You can reach me by telephone or email. I might not respond immediately as I will be teaching or creating materials. I will always try to respond as soon as possible.

Berti Liemberg

Telephone: +31 6 300 819 72